Types of Pipe Insulation

Be it domestic or commercial space, pipe insulation forms an integral part of engineering excellence and maintenance. This is because it helps in the protection of pipes and prevention of unforeseen mishaps. Being one of the best pipeline insulation companies of Noida, we have attempted to generate awareness and education regarding the basic types of pipe insulations to our clients, through this blog piece.

Pipeline Insulation Companies in Noida

One must know that insulation materials or systems being used for pipeline insulation are usually classified by the service temperature range. Let’s have a quick look at the various types of pipe insulation.

Cellular Insulations: This type consists of small individual cells either interconnecting (Open-Cell) or sealed from each other (Closed-Cell) to form a cellular structure. The base material generally comprises of glass, plastics, or rubber and a variety of foaming agents are used.

Fibrous Insulations: Such installations generally include small diameter fibres that finely divide the air space. Fibres may be organic or inorganic in nature and they are normally (but not always) held together by a binder. Typical inorganic fibres include glass, rock wool, slag wool, and alumina-silica.

Granular Insulations: Generally comprising of hydrous Calcium Silicate containing reinforcing fibres, these are renowned for their excellent thermal insulation. These can be further classified and insulations can be prepared based on maximum use temperature and density

Benefits of Hiring One of the Best Pipeline Insulation Companies in Noida

The most important and undeniable property of pipeline insulation is its ability to minimize heat gain and loss. For instance, if your home is situated in an area experiencing extreme cold weather for the most part of the year, pipe insulation keeps the water in your plumbing system from turning to ice and expanding, in turn bursting the pipes and causing extensive (and expensive) damage. This is one example. Under normal weather conditions, such insulation instalments prevent rapid temperature effects and physical damage. Our best quality pipeline insulations provide you with quality and safety while catering to all your needs. In addition to the above, you get lower monthly energy bills, and you don’t need to wait as long for the hot water or cold water to reach the fixtures in your kitchen or bathrooms.

Condensation may seem like a remote concern, in commercial spaces like warehouses, food outlets, or even food processing industries. It’s not at all uncommon, particularly when cold-water lines come into contact with warm, humid air. For such cases, we provide special vapour barrier-wrapped pipe insulation which prevents warm air from reaching the pipes.

We have grown as one of the leading pipeline insulation companies in Noida because our best pipe insulation products not only protect pipes, but it also protects people from injuries that can be caused by contact with very hot or very cold piping. We are known for providing quality and consistent products within the committed time frame. We cater to bulk requirement made possible by our wide distribution network. Get in touch with us for top-quality pipeline insulations at affordable prices.


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