Why & When You Need Rigid Foam Insulation

Rigid foams have often appeared in conversations related to construction and piping purposes. It finds great use in the energy industry, particularly in the oil & gas sectors. Chemically speaking, rigid foams are derived from a variety of metallic and nonmetallic sources, of which polymeric foams are the most common because they are relatively easy to formulate and their processing is less energy-intensive.

Rigid Foam Insulation

Made with materials including polyisocyanurate (polyiso), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS), rigid foam insulation is most valued for their insulating properties. Moreover, our high-quality rigid foam insulation also offer

  • Durability
  • Energy savings and
  • Moisture control

Additional Benefits of Our Rigid Foam Insulation

Offering a long-term R-value rigid foam insulation boards can increase the R-value of the entire wall, covering wood studs and other parts of the wall, such as framing, ducts, wiring and even plumbing. Our best rigid foam insulation in Noida, India, when properly installed, forms a complete air barrier that reduces air infiltration, thus preventing energy loss. We are the top rigid foam insulation manufacturers in India renowned for adding flame retardants to their help prevent the start, limit the spread of fires and minimize risk. Rapid temperature changes have a tendency to increase moisture build due to humidity; this gives rise to mould and mildew. Our top-notch rigid foam insulation in Noida prevents moisture entry altogether providing long-lasting looks, strength and protection to buildings.

Unlike spray foam, rigid foam insulation is easily reversible, which proves to be a major plus for historic structures. Rigid foam insulation come in several varieties and of course, there are different makers of each type. Our best quality rigid foam insulation is typically sold with a radiant barrier of foil on both sides. So in addition to all the above-mentioned salient benefits, you also get the benefit of stopping radiant heat with this foam. Rigid foam insulation is best installed on the exterior of the framing and then the siding is installed over the top layer. .Installations on roof decks as a part of a re-roof project often makes the most sense as it provides the biggest payback.

Go for the best rigid foam insulation company providing the best rigid foam insulation at affordable prices for the following reasons:

  • Optimal, long-life insulation with no drawbacks
  • Regular maintenance or repairs that enhance the value of property
  • Quality of life leads to large energy savings
  • Reduced heating costs are cost-effective and easy to install


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